quarta-feira, junho 29, 2005

changing paths

Well well, the rats and the snakes seam to be gone, now the lady comes bringing a white lotus flower.
The days of cheating are over, or the days to de betread, hope comes to my way with some happyness, and it sais that a wise brunet girl will come to compleat a love the triangle... Whatareck?

Also I have cursed Shean
Conery for a life time.

terça-feira, junho 28, 2005

does not mather

Well, we gave up everything for someone, but we have no idea about what’s gonna happen...
So sometimes it's not your fault sometimes it was meant for not meant to be
we can fall and just keep falling, it hurts anyway,
Or she dies and you just have to learn to live by yourself…

Messy anyway..

segunda-feira, junho 27, 2005

what goes around comes around!!

So for that some times you can make someboby cry, and the next day its your turn to be alone crying...

I Q Test

Thats a high level puzzle!!!

Wake up part II

So again how do my brain keep recording the nightmares so I can remember it all day long?
But the nice and sweetest dream I just have for the moments that my eyes are closed...
Who programed it ãh?
How can I change this fact?
Dam it....

I'm probably just InFeCtAnTe

the endless brothers

My brother Desire makes me see you,
So I did fall in love again,
You become the Dream's dream.
Delirium the little sister got into my realm to collor it with buterflys...
Despair the other one but not the oldest, she made me weak, while I was sleep...
So than I lost you.
And I wake up to the reality's realm.
Destiny turned the pages to the end to fast (old fool brother)
I felt down...blue.. sad..
Than I herad the wings sweeping the air,
My oldest sister came to kiss me good night and make me company....

Wake up?

Why we have to wake up from a good dream?
Why we do not wake up from a nightmare?
She loves me or she loves me not?