quinta-feira, dezembro 29, 2005

let me cry

This morning I woke up alone
found a note by the phone
saying maybe I’ll be back some day
I wanted to look for youYou walked in I didn’t know just what to do
so I sat back down had a beer and felt sorry for myself.

sábado, dezembro 24, 2005


Send someone to love me
this is the song I'm listening right now, and well I just think it feats...
But ell I'm am loved, there are alot of people that I miss right now some friends some more than that... And I miss you a little bit, alot, massive lost, and I don't even know if you fell the same so thats the worst part of it.
But anyway I kneqw it woul be like that its always like that.
Brother I miss you , cunhadinha I miss you to...
Marry Xmas

domingo, dezembro 18, 2005

goes around and comes around

All that is meant to be mine will be mine and so is the other side of the coin, as it says.
Does not matther how much you try to change if anyone believe in your changes so I guess its easy to give up and just be your old side again...
I have fealings and for that I really would like to try...
Hate to be alone!!