domingo, fevereiro 25, 2007

this boy

This boy wants to play,
There's no time left today,
It's a shame 'cause he has to go home.

This boy's got to work
Got to sweat just to pay what he gets to get left all alone.

Well let's step outside,
Let's go for a ride,
Just for a while.
No we won't get caught,
Well that's what I thought, until we cry.

I'm still here,
But it hasn't been easy,
I'm sure that you had your reasons,
I'm scared for this emotion,
For years I've been holding it down,
For years I've been holding it down...

Um comentário:

Rodrigo disse...

Pqp viu! Faz anos que eu tento fazer isso com a sombrancelha! É muito foda, o olho fecha ou a outra sobe junto. Porra, tu tem que me ensinar!!