quarta-feira, junho 06, 2007

25, Black Holes And Revelations!

25, green-blue-grey eyes, having no idea what is gonna happens in the next 3 months of his life better speaking the next years that are to come. He does not know how to write, put the right pontuation or even make the right spealing in any of the 4 languages he can comunicate with. He's afraid of showing his fealings and most of the time he fakes toughts to fit in. He's a happy guy most of the time, makes people smile and laugh really hard as well, has alot of self-confidence sometimes and nothing to say in many other occasions. He fakes to be inteligent when acctualy his only a bit smart, can turn things upside down inside many peoples head, don't know how to deal with his feallings most of the time.
The best song in the moment is "Lost art of keeping a secret", salsa, Muse, Maria Rita, for this week I mean! His upset today he does not loses his temper alot, but when he loses leave him alone!
He can't wy people are like they are all the time, wy everything has to be taken so serious, wy peopple have to live wondering and wy does not enjoy the little time we have together.
A good song to hear while reading this texte: Starlight by MUSE!
He loved to whatch Heroes, his loving to whatch Dexter right now (thats wy I'm writing), he is an avarage guy, he has to many fealings for to many people and sometimes thats to hard to handle!!!
He writes alot of crap as well in english just to feel bether, wondering if someone beside his friends will gonna read it!
end of chapter one!

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Thiago (undernullgrader) disse...

I´m almost the same, but my hair is short, I'm bether looking (just kiding), don't make people laugh as much as you becouse my jokoes are lame. But I do love my brother. Ps: use to bel bether payed too!!! miss you brother

Rodrigo disse...

As you woudl say... shouldnt be taking not of this that serious. And u know that there are some fellows out there who dont take take almost nothing pretty serious, and really enjoy their time togheter with u cause they really believe on this so so litle life!

Missing you buddy!

Adrien disse...

Excellent, c'est trop bien fait!
Je ne vois pas trop quels filtres ont été utilisés... Bien joué!