quarta-feira, agosto 29, 2007

fuel- bad day

heuheuheuehue tika gizmoz


espertissimo copia e cola no navegador

sexta-feira, agosto 17, 2007

to many

So many people to say good bye,
And so many others to say hello,
the feeling of happiness and sadness don't have any line to separate them, they get mixed together giving a non defined mood, it variates between the hours that come by
getting people closer to you and taking others far away,
The uncertainty of things make me nervous, the uncertainty of the future gives me blanc pages to start writing... and I'm never sure about the title, to many options but not to many I can choose, not now, not today, well we just have to keep writing, and maybe changing some of the characters along the way, but how would I like to keep all of them!
Kisses to everyone

quarta-feira, agosto 01, 2007